by Spitback

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released January 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Spitback Michigan

Michigan Skate Hardcore.

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Track Name: Snarl - Lust
Lust, put in you my trust
Left me in disgust
And now I can finally clean the
rust, put in you my trust
Left me in disgust
And now I can finally ditch the lust

Everything that you played me for
Everything that I gave you
One day I'm gonna put my foot through your door and fuck up everything that you hold true

And I'll do it with a snarl.
Track Name: Snarl - The Fuse
Means more than the fake that you put on the OUTSIDE
Always over step man you WALK THE LINE
Can't help but think that I'm STUCK IN TIME
The fuse is short cause theres

Nothin here for you now
Things just went so south
Wish you'd shut your mouth
No more fucking doubt

Your body and face make things SO EASY
So easy for you to jus up and LEAVE ME
3 years pass and I STILL AINT FRIENDLY
The fuse is lit cause theres

Nothin here for you now
Things just went so south
Wish you'd shut your mouth
No more fucking doubt

Nothing for you
I still hate you
So what you gone do?
Comin for you

Nothing for you
I still hate you.
Track Name: Snarl - The View (Carry On Cover)
don't look at me...don't call me
with your worthless words
my voice is lost from all the screaming before
circuits and pens...they couldn't change a thing
your apology is so long overdue
i crumbled eighteen years
like a sheet of paper, and i set it ablaze
Track Name: Spitback - Hammer
Drop the fucking hammer
Bring your head to the noose
Feel the weight of the world pushing down on you
Yeah I'm the one to choose the one in the slammer
Sitting down in the booth, time to drop the hammer
Track Name: Spitback - Cold Love
Lead me on to believe that my soul will grow old
I don't do what I'm told, I'm not following rules
Get out of my face
Don't step on my toes
I'm not living alone, I'm living with ghosts
Leave me out of this game
This is the price I pay
I took the chance not to do as told
Cold Love
Track Name: Spitback - Just Realize
Broken up pieces in me
Need to figure out, it won't let me be
Broken glass
Through the tension I see, it won't let me be

Broken up destine of me
Need to figure out, please set me free
No lies
Straight forward
Get away from me
I can't think, I cannot speak
I think you might just realize that you've lost all of my pain, lost all of my time
Thought I could get away from the police this time
Track Name: Power Wrench - Set You Straight
I feed myself to a tampered game,
The multi faced that speak of change.
No law for us, you know for sure.
spread the ash, may the traitors burn.
No shame, carry my weight.
When the words are looked past then my swinging is fate
I will drag you in my world
See things through a different perspective while my fists are swinging free
My fists are swinging free.

My only fight, I dictate your only life
I am the one who decides what's wrong and what's right,
I am your only life.
If my feet fall first, avoid the weight
I spit my curse, set you straight
I pull you into the fire
See things through a different perspective
My fists are swinging free
See the world through my eyes
Track Name: Power Wrench - Suffer Into Me
I see for myself
See through my mistakes and I'll whither you away.
The product is raw, it's got to be mean
The product is no hope and a fucking grave.
Been victimized so I'll shift the game
It's blood, stones, and a price to pay.
I'll play the part, reach for more
You will suffer into me
I see for myself
Suffer into me
Track Name: Power Wrench - Mr. Sam
Catch my funk
I was coming home when I saw mr. Sam
He was looking drunk today, had some crackers in his hand
He called out my name, he said "boy, come show your face"
Well I kicked his leg and then ran away with them crackers in my bag
When I got home late, I was feeling tired
Then I checked my bag and those crackers have been ate
Mr. Sam came out, he was stumbling on his leg
But he was so drunk he just laughed away with those crackers on his face
Catch my funk
Call out my name
Sam opened up the fridge, I was frozen in my place
He said "boy, don't look at me that way. You're gonna be like this someday"
I looked right at Sam and said, "you ain't my god damn dad. I'm half your size and I hope you don't mind when I kick that old drunk ass"
Catch my funk