Mind Games

by Spitback

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released April 29, 2016

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mat Kerekes



all rights reserved


Spitback Michigan

Michigan Skate Hardcore.

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Track Name: Executioner
Fuck everyone
Got caught up in the law
Fuck you, fuck cops
Nothing that you've done ever helped anyone
Fuck you, fuck cops
Track Name: Ride Or Die Pt.2
Sleeping all day staying up all night
Still don't know if it's sadness or spite
Shitty feeling overwhelming my head
Maybe it'll all end if I just go back to bed

Why I gotta call just to know your alright?
Why I gotta go with this feeling inside?
Biting my tongue
Sick of if it all
Losing friends, feeling down
Taste the love

Why won't you step away?
You got me down, so fucking down

Deeper and deeper
Your presence is a well
Every touch a little closer to hell
At first it felt good, then you threw it all away
Pissed on, in the gutter
Ain't much more I gotta say

Why won't you step away?
Track Name: Mind Games
When you see me
When you cut yourself
When you bleed me
When you suffer yourself

Off the lights
Now off with your head
Burn your house
Pray for death
Now you'll feel the flame
Now you'll pay
Feel my pain

When you gonna give up?
Next time that you fuck up
Can't stop, won't stop
Don't come any closer
Track Name: Crossroads
I always do you wrong
I need time alone
I'll be gone for a second, but please just leave me something
I need something
A little spark, keep me going
I can't wait for no show, no call till the morning
I'll be gone

Crossroads leading me nowhere
Back at the same spot I started
Same exact spot I started

Gold hands, silver platter
I'm a bad actor
I hate to pretend
Cold front moving in